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Orisun @ MESIA Solar Awards

Jan 19, 2023

Orisun Invest

Orisun Invest receives the "Outstanding Overseas Performer (MENA Based)/SMB 2022" award

During the World Future Energy Summit there's an event that most executives and senior based in the UAE working in renewable know: the Middle East Solar Industry Association (MESIA) Solar Awards!

This year a new category opened, "Outstanding MENA Based- Overseas Performer – Local Champions", and we submitted our application.

We were sure that it would be well-positioned as our business model is very unique and we have few noticeable, although modest, results. However these awards are well sought and there's a jury.

The result: we won!

This award has a big meaning to us as it shows that our young company is now among the credible players of the industry.

"When I left my last job 3y ago to start another entrepreneur journey, I was still hesitating: should I try to create a fund or once again a developer?" explains our founder Karim Megherbi.

"I checked what were my skills, where I can make a difference, and what I really like. My conclusions: my skills are in the origination and I love working with everyone in the market. Not only people are fun and very professional, both business oriented and fighting for values which I share, but everyone has different strategies so you accumulate an incredible knowledge which is then worth diffusing."

All his past experiences with their ups and downs regrouped instantly to form a 5y strategy:

◾️ We will build one of the largest networks of originators and professionalize a segment which is still not well formatted

◾️ We will have our own digital tool

◾️ We will be paid mostly by investors 2-10kUSD/MW depending on the size and market, in milestones depending on the risk profile as we don't want any misalignment

◾️ We will generally not put our investors in competition on transactions: we are match makers and want to move fast

◾️ We will work closely with developers to prepare for their future needs

◾️ We will advise both parties: we're not financial advisors

◾️ No market restriction, the limit is our knowledge and contacts

◾️ We will add 2 activities, as our origination fees are too small for us to grow:

1/ We will raise funds to own some small assets and take minority positions in few projects

2/ We will develop some projects when we like them and are comfortable with the country

We're currently implementing this strategy and while we do make mistakes our results are encouraging:

✅ We've reached 362MW in 7 countries in less than 3 years, and expect to pass the GW in 15-18 months

✅ Our digital platform is on-line - although we are restructuring it entirely

✅ We'll probably start one development in West Africa and have identified a first asset in Western Asia

✅ While we work with everyone, we signed 2 strategic agreements with 1st results:

◾️ Total Eren:: 72MW closed in Cambodia, JDA signed for 40MW/100MWh battery in West Africa, >700MW currently in discussion

◾️ Technique Solaire: 34MW closed in India, a very large transaction announced soon 🤞

Big thanks to all our partners and everyone fighting for the energy transition!

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