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Orisun Invest X Greening The Islands

Mar 20, 2023

Orisun Invest

Orisun Invest is officially joining the Greening the Islands (GTI) initiative as transaction advisor

Orisun Invest is officially joining the Greening the Islands (GTI) initiative as transaction advisor

The agreement between Orisun and GTI was signed yesterday in our office in Dubai with Gianni Chianetta, founder and CEO of GTI.

We can now act as one of the entry points in energy for all stakeholders. either governments, officials, financiers, or project developers and investors. We will add a dedicated page and link to GTI in our website.

GTI is also active in water and although this is not our area of expertise we will be able to direct you to the right contact.

What GTI bring to Islands and their officials:

◾️ GTI is an organization which promotes synergies in the nexus between three pillars of the green economy – energy, water and mobility - in islands. It regroups: a think tank, a conference organizer and a training provider - and now a project enabler.

Its members are officials, institutions/DFIs, associations, private entities, both local or international, from all over the world

◾️ GTI will be able to offer the following services:

1/ Energy Master Plan

2/ Preparation of the preliminary transaction documents (PIM, info-mémo, financial modeling, initial legal and financial structuring)

3/ Raising equity and debt

4/ Overall support in the whole project management

-> Our idea is to industrialize the process as much as possible to overcome the small transaction size which, added to technical and financial challenges, prevent private entities to step widely into these markets. We already know several investors very active in this space which would be highly interested to consider new projects if adequately organized

◾️ After discussion and review of your needs and expectations, GTI and government can sign a MoU. We will then start our preparation work to quickly go to the market and transparently select, together with the island, the lead investor/developer. Once selected, then the lead investor and the island can start to work together to finalize the development and launch the implementation

◾️ Financing of the whole process is shared between the Island, GTI and the selected investor/developer

Several projects are already identified and under discussion.

The goal of this initiative is to accelerate the energy transition and simplify the transaction processes. Orisun shares the exact same goal with soon more than 500MW of solar and wind projects closed in more than 7 countries. We hope to bring this experience to GTI and the islands.

Who should contact us?

◾️ All officials involved in the energy transition in islands

◾️ Officials and private entities with already identified solar or wind or hybrid with storage projects in islands

Let's work together!

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