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Transaction Close: 73.9 MWp solar plant in Cambodia

Jul 1, 2022

Orisun Invest

Total Eren & Risen Energy close acquisition/sale of a 73.9 MWp solar plant in Cambodia

Orisun Invest would like to congratulate Total Eren and Risen Energy Co., Ltd. for the successful acquisition/sale of a 73.9 MWp #solar plant in #Cambodia and is proud to have acted on this transaction as originator and support during the negotiation.

Total Eren is a leading renewable IPP active globally, with currently more than 3.5 GW of wind and solar assets in operation and construction worldwide, and with TotalEnergies as shareholder since 2017.

The project has been developed by Risen Energy, one of the top 5 global solar panel manufacturers and a leading solar EPC and project developer. It was commissioned early this year and project financed by DEG.

Orisun Invest, as an originator for Total Eren, has identified the project during its development phase, conducted preliminary due-diligence and preliminary discussions, and brought commercial support during the negotiation phase, from the signing of Term Sheet until the signing of the SPA and transaction close.

It is the first project of Total Eren in Cambodia and is one of the largest solar plants today in operation in the country. It is also Orisun Invest's largest transaction since our inception 2 years ago.

Congratulation to both teams, it has been a pleasure working with you and was a really enriching experience!

Total Eren's Press Release 👇



About Orisun Invest

Orisun Invest is a project origination platform in renewable energy (wind, solar and hydro) active in Europe, Africa, Middle East, Central Asia and Asia. We're always on the lookout for new projects so developers looking for partners or investors are welcome to contact us anytime.

About Cambodia

The energy mix of Cambodia is still largely based on fossil fuel. Only few years ago, the country was still commissioning a new coal plant, and the previous energy master plan was recommending the development of gas, with almost no mention about renewable.

In 2018, the installed capacity was 2.6 GWWG, the electricity consumption around 6.6 TWh, half of it from hydro. Electricity represents 17% of the final energy mix.

The country is only starting its #energytransition. More than 200 MW solar projects are in operation, with more to come. Wind projects are also being developed. Asian Development Bank (ADB) launched in 2019 a 100 MW solar tender in 2 phases and is now helping the country to elaborate a new energy master plan based on renewable for the period 2020-2040.

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